if you came here wondering what the french fries “pananaw” means, then you came to the right place.

but first, my inspirational backstoryTM.

i’m what you call a filipiadian, a filipino + canadian duo of a weirdo. (yay for second gen immigrants!) not surprisingly, the two cultures often clash, leaving one or the other stuffed in the back of the proverbial sock drawer. it’s mostly the filipino one. i’m sometimes sorry for that.

when coming up with the name for this whole blog gig, i wanted something a lil unconventional, y’know? and as there is no way tagalog perfectly translates to english, pananaw, how one sees the world, came to mind.

tldr: pananaw is a tagalog word that means: how one sees the world; or, insghts.

basically, don’t search up google translate.