love is sometimes not between a guy and a girl but when it is it’s a whole different genre and nobody questions this i demand answers


i don’t really like romance.

correction, i despise it.

there’s a list of reasons for this. i despise how it’s portrayed as the norm and the only worthwhile kind of love, how cheap a lot of the books in this genre are, how shallow the characters can be, and how overall cringey everything can be. i’d rather not die of secondhand embarrassment, thank you very much.


i’m a complete sucker for romance done right. and by that i mean,

aCtUaL cHaRaCtEr dEvElOpMeNt

an enjoyable plot

honestly good dialogue

a sense of equality (nobody’s superior or inferior)

not smut

flufferstuffers (them dratted sweet and simple scenes)

not overdone description! nobody wants to hear how his hair kept being tousled by the wind!

romance is like a steak (at least in the book sense. don’t ask me how in real life. i can’t give you a good answer.). just because it’s on flames doesn’t mean it’s well done.

so because i have no life (and no laptop, mine crashed a few days ago so my uncle let me borrow his) and no clue what the what i’m talking about, here’s a random variety of duos that i shall respect or roast (depending on what o’clock it is and how much sugar i haven’t had, of course.)

yeet! (here we go, for the non-slangy person, you amazing brick of sensibility, you)


anne and gilbert, anne of green gables.

Image result for anne and gilbert anne with an e stills
don’t judge it’s nice okay

ngl, i hated gilbert’s guts. the jerk. but wait, what do we have here? character development on both parts? yes. rivals in education? unheard of but gimme. dialogue you both cringe at reading because you’re feeling both characters emotions but yet you really sorta kinda enjoy? yes. growth? OH YEAH. a satisfying conclusion? everything except the latter books *cough cough* *because death is never a resolution*

they are: respected. i really enjoyed reading how they both changed from hating each others guts to starting a society together, going to school, and just being great together. ❤

katniss and peeta, the hunger games.

Image result for katniss and peeta

i just…

honestly i’m ignoring the third book because why. just why. but even with that there are still a lot of questions here. katniss “loves” peeta to survive the games (that’s so slytherin), and they seem to continue the whole fake thing to continue surviving, with only hints of anything possibly real between the two of them. also the switching between peeta and gale, peeta and gale, peeta and a croissant, it gets old (and it kinda takes up all of book three, so. y’know.) however, equality? both katniss and peeta prove that they’re very capable and come to each other’s rescue when the other needs it, so i definitely appreciate that.

they are: roasted. please don’t kill me, you shippers. it’s kinda hard when a relationship materializes out of a need to appeal to the public, and just… is more angst than actual solid stuff.

cassie and chris, more than a second chance.

this is part of an official, official blog tour, actually, (which you can find the links to the tour and book here and here) and since internet stuff is kinda on the fritz for me, my attempt at a review will probably be on goodreads later.


it’s not.. bad, per say. are these two characters interesting? definitely. do they have arcs? oh yeah. and i really, really appreciate how unique the entire book is and the setting and the concepts.

but there’s just.. something missing. i don’t know. maybe it’s in how stilted and stiff the dialogue seems, or the constant shifting from awkward dialogue mixed in with deep sentences scenes to let’s-have-a-private-picnic-and-stare-into-each-other’s-eyes scenes, or just how overall it feels more like a first draft than a finished book in terms of how these two relate to each other.

they are: roasted. terribly sorry. you seem like nice guys.

rhen and lute, to best the boys.

Image result for to best the boys


*more screaming*

i just.. i don’t even know how to begin with this couple. both from totally different yet totally equal fields, both still kinda kids and young and they’re in this maze relying on their wits and each other, and lute is one of the rare characters i honestly wish was real, and they put each other first without giving up their individual dreams? uhm, we stan?

they are: respected. and very proud to say it too. JUST GAH THE ART, THE BEAUTY, THE DEVELOPED CHARACTER ARCS.

orpheus and eurydice, hadestown.

Image result for hadestown stills

this is that awkward part where i really like something but it raises questions (oh there’s a list of that, goodness), because while i seriously love hadestown, the fact remains that orpheus’s first interaction with eurydice is a marriage proposal. like. dude! you haven’t even known her for all of two minutes and you want to spend your life with her. and i can understand wanting to work on your song, but, uh, the point of being married is caring about the other person. also, eurydice, why oh why did you say yes to hades, why, why, why, why, why. WHY. and i don’t know how much of a good idea it is to base your deciding to get married on what someone can give you.

but the thing is that they do start loving each other. and. for real. and despite the rough, tough life and the naivety, they’re real. they’re true.

and, if you’ve studied greek mythology, they GET SEPARATED.

they are: roasted. i love you please don’t kill me but develop your relationship i beg you please please you’re still great in my book but-


i’ve heard it said that people change their ideas of love when they fall into it so, y’know, i could be looking back on this and cringing. but i might not, so.

either way, romantical love is, yes, valid! and when it’s done right, it’s amazing.

when it’s not.. it just falls flat.

like i know what i’m talking about.

~lover, tell me if you can, jo~

28 Replies to “love is sometimes not between a guy and a girl but when it is it’s a whole different genre and nobody questions this i demand answers”

  1. Romance is almost always messed up somehow. I know like one book that’s a romance and I like. And then one book with romance in it, that I like. Others are eh. And then that 200 page book that has a five page description of him every time he enters the room. 😱🙄

    Liked by 2 people

      1. For sureeee. Some of these books man, ahem.
        “And so he walked in slowly, but confidently. His hair was crisp brown, his smile bright, his blue, blue eyes reflecting in the afternoon sun. She noticed his shoes—he had good taste. He was practically perfect climbing up those steps like had he had done it a million times before (which he had).”
        Ahem. Dude, I’m a writer. XD

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    1. *CLAPS IN CAPS* THANK YOU. i just.. i love how romance can develop both characters, but just for the sake of it? pride and prejudice was NOT written to be followed by lesser books!


    And yes!!! Romance can often fall short and then it sucks and we die unhappy human beings. BUT PLATONIC SHIPS!!! FOUND FAMILY SHIPS!!! We have found a way to be redeemed!!!

    Also, and this is very off topic, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the queer community/their relationships? I have absolutely no judgement here either way, and if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it I understand, just wanted to ask 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blah. i thought i answered this but my internet must’ve gotten kaput. :/
      also. aaaaaamen. and i’m pretty sure that’s because romance does not equal love!

      of course ❤ (mind you, i'm a depraved human being slowly learning grace every day so please do not take this as truth) i'm one of the people who don't have sexual attraction for anyone. some people might call that ace, which, as you know, is part of queer community. while i can't say i agree with them (because my faith, the bible, God don't, for one reason) i can respect them and admire their work and treat them as God WOULD want me to treat them: with kindness and with the belief that marshmallows are beautiful. as far as relationships, i'm assuming you mean how they're portrayed in stories? to which i'll say that it shouldn't be written politically or ignored entirely, the only things current media seem to know what to do with it. 😦

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      1. kaput internet sucks. we just switched to nbn (stupid aus government) and it… is horrible.
        NO LIBRARIES HERE HAVE IT I SHALL DIEEEEEEEEEEE (and online? shipping would cost more than the book)
        yess! exactly! finally someone who gEtS it!

        thank you for this insight jo, (and don’t worry, none of us know everything! I asked for your opinion so whatever comes out is fine) and as I previously stated, there is no judgement from me. you don’t have to agree with anything you don’t want to. I personally support it because of many friends/family who are but there is no pressure to do anything. thank you for having human decency and respecting them like you would anyone else (you know, unlike half the population) and it was interesting to hear how your religion impacted that. and all I can say to your comment on relationships is this: *nods head vigorously*

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  3. Anyone who watches Agents of SHIELD can agree that FitzSimmons is the greatest example of romance😍
    Especially because they started off as BFFS, and there’s not a lot of…you know, scenes…
    Also, don’t hate on me, but I’ve never quite liked the Tony/Pepper ship. Like, he’s her boss. I feel like this won’t be acceptable in a bit. (I mean, she’s basically his servant, where is the love?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i have yet to see the entirety of aos, but from what i have seen, it’s a pretty great ship. 😀
      and honestly, tony/pepper exists. it’s a bit strange. like tony himself. so i get you there.

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