occasional poem

occasional poem.png



always angry

i don’t agree, i must be hating

how dare i oppose your God blessed regime

of twisting the ability to dream



you don’t pray, you fool

you deny my opportunities

because they don’t cater the way you please

sickening glares

stiffly moving

your anger is in the air you’re polluting

and blame me, because, of course

my imagined anxiety is bad for your home

words that hurt and

words that spurn

my humanity, which i don’t deserve

you say you’re all for mental health

then fluster when i reach out for help

i’m done

i’ve had enough

i’ve been broken way too much

to be hurt once more

i don’t need the snare that you call home


well this is depressing.

but alas, it be like that sometimes.

maybe i’ll write the resolution to this. someday.

just not today.

~but that does not make us wise, jo~

25 Replies to “occasional poem”

  1. Okay but why is Jo so good at writing? Like the rhyme scheme, the tone, the EVERYTHING, is perfection. This is giving me family problems vibes though. 😦 I hope everything’s okay. You don’t need to tell me anything but you know how it is being an over-protective grandma.

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    1. i’m terrible this was badly written XD.
      and oof. them vibes getting vibe checked. consider this one of my short story type things. some of it’s real and the bigger chunk is, y’know, fiction. also over-protective grandmas are the best. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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