in which we answer a few questions and cause mayhem before 12 am

in which we answer a few questions and cause mayhem before 12 am

firstly, i’ve been hacked. AGAIN.

jules, yes i have hush.

i make plenty of sense, hush.



*nevermind the fact i misspelled this*

*glares at julia*

second, this feels like a very lucid dream. not that that’s a bad thing, but still. because if you told me i was going to be hacked by a best friend i would’ve…

actually that would’ve been normal for some reason but we’re not talking about that for the post.

anna from a storynerd’s life (queen *dies*) tagged the humble *cough* little (well that part’s true) blog, and since i’m stuck with julia (OH COME ON YOU LOVE ME *grins*) for the present time, we’re answering them together. *coughs*

not.. uh.. setting up a bomb. or anything. close though.



Whatโ€™s a memory from this summer that still makes you smile?

julia: how much time has to pass before it becomes a memory and not the present? though technically today is fall so… i suppose the YWW (young writer’s workshop) conference and all the smufflehugs. *nodnod* all memories from those three days make me smile. and plane rides. those were fun.

jo: terrorizing my sister and frubby. frubby knows who frubby is. also roasting marshmellows over a campfire and getting *cough* HACKED *cough* by julia. it’s still summer here, so there.

Has a stranger made your day before?

julia: i can’t really think of a stranger-stranger making my day but i’ve woken up to really encouraging messages from random writers who i didn’t know very well… but they weren’t technically strangers… though sometimes strangers make me laugh and they don’t know it. people watching is a good hobby. there was that time during the summer bored games where i paid for the guy behind me and his face was priceless and i’ll never forget it.

jo: there was this one time i was riding the bus downtown and this very bored looking mail truck driver pulled up to our bus, so i gave him the sup nod and to my surprise he sup nodded back and then we burst out laughing and then the light turned green and that’s the story of how i had some faith in humanity restored. ๐Ÿ˜€

What is the funniest thing youโ€™ve done in public?

julia: hands down one of the summer bored game challenges. probably the backwards baseball cap and inside out t-shirt and sunglasses. it was actually at a july fourth concert that my piano instructor conducts and i really hope he didn’t see me. XD

jo: uhhhhhhhhh if you count putting on headphones and air drumming to “high hopes” on a campus, then that was a ton of fun. mostly because everyone who saw me was absolutely confuzzled. no wait that was hamilton uh eheh-

Favorite happy-go-lucky song?

julia: definitely “have it all” by jason mraz. it never fails to make me smile and it’s my magical math song with my twinyayzie (seriously, try listening to it during algebra 2 it’s amazing and i aced my test so yay).

jo: only one *sobs* uhhh…. either “have it all” or “rain” (by ben platt, that guy has a really nice voice it’s not fair but that’s not the point) or “along the way” by the hunts IT’S MY BLOG JULES CHILLAX da people wanna know

What is something/someone that added a little sunshine to your week?

julia: besides the fact that my tripyaylet is sitting next to me? if it had to be something other than that, a special thing with a special someone on friyay. tis a secret. be curious, you’ll never know.

jo: *is going to try to not be curious but fails* ahhh other than frubby being frubby, i got a package from chloe and that made my day, love ya โค

Sunshine or rain?

julia: rain. unless it’s golden hour. because rain sounds cool and looks cool and FEELS COOL LIKE A REPRIEVE FROM THIS 90 DEGREE WEATHER actually it’s been pretty nice lately but still. rain also makes things greener. and it’s good writing and book weather soooo yepsy. but golden hour is pure magic so sunshine for two hours a day. XD

jo: rain my poor canadian self can’t take the heat *dies*

What person never fails to get a laugh out of you?

julia: oh snap i really hope some people don’t read this but uuuuuhhhh… oh! special person mentioned above. that’s all i’ll say. hehe. cue curious jo.

jo: jules did you really have to– if it isn’t julia, then frubby or bun bun. who are reading, this aren’t they? ๐Ÿ˜€ (because of they are: SAPS.)

Something you look forward to about this Autumn season?

julia: BOOTS brown boots and black boots and i want gray boots because i love boots and once upon a time i met someone for the first time and one of their first impressions was ‘i didn’t think you were the boot type of person’ but i am so there and this is a run on sentence because we only have a few minutes before lights out SO HURRY JO

jo: it’s going to be cold praise the Maker yayyyy- er, uh, wearing hoodies and having a good reason to ๐Ÿ˜€

Roller skates, skateboard, or bicycle?

julia: none of the above by far. rollerblades are waaaay superior.

jo: *terrifyingly clutches free spirit, my bike* how could you jules why


Favorite wildflower?

julia: queen anne’s lace, it’s so pretty. and it’s also one of the only wildflowers i can think of right off the top of my head and IT’S LIGHTS OUT

jo: yeesh goldenrods are pretty

Why is yellow such a happy color, to you? (or, do you agree that it is a happy color?)

julia: it is the color of lemons and lantana and emojis. it’s bright and cheery and splendific and a primary color which means it’s a happy basis for life. my logic is flawed when it’s late at night, hope that was satisfactory.

jo: yellow is yellow. duh. just kidding, yellow’s happy and cheerful and it reminds me of spring break, that’s why ๐Ÿ˜€

julia: I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I DON’T LIKE YELLOW BECAUSE IT IS THE COLOR OF SOUTHERN SPRING AKA POLLEN AND I’M ALLERGIC TO IT AND I HATE POLLEN AND POLLEN IS YELLOW what can I say it’s getting later and hurry up and wrap this up before we get in trouble


aaaaaaaaaand it is like 10:35 in the p of m and we will literally sign off and honestly this is amazing yet terrifying like i am friends with a hacker this is insane–

~we broke the distance, julia + jo~

12 Replies to “in which we answer a few questions and cause mayhem before 12 am”

  1. One time a stranger made my day because I smiled at him and he told me I had a beautiful smile and the world needs more of those. That compliment has stayed with me!
    Also Jason Mrazโ€™ songs are ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’œ


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