today has been okay

this popsicle was VERY okay. more than, maybe. superb. wonderful. delicious. okay.

Do you ever do something completely mundane, like untangling your earphones to listen to Sleeping At Last, sitting on a kiddy chair just waiting— or ever finally had something happen that’s you’ve been waiting for, for like, ever, and then suddenly you realize that this is happening. It’s happening right now and there’s will be no moment in your lifetime that will exactly be like May 19, 2019, 10:41 am and you get to live in this moment and you won’t get that chance again for this one moment, so it’s like the world freezes and it’s time, you, and a pair of still tangled earphones?

No? Just me?



As I’ve mentioned, it’s been me for a while now. Why philosophical thoughts come at all the wrong times I don’t know. XD But it does anyway- which, uh, isn’t helpful when you’re screaming internally at the 2 hour mark of Endgame (can’t seem to shut up about that, can I) or getting ready to play the last hymn at church or even just… sitting. Doing nothing. Like I am right now. It’s kinda weird to be this conscious of the fact that life is happening. Kinda cool too. Good reminder that there’s more to this life. Always more.

Just thought that was cool, ahem. Now for the boring part where it gets personal… (which I still don’t know why I bother because isn’t talking about one’s self selfish and therefore pointless?)

School is giving me a headache. I can’t wait for summer. Probably conflicting to this fact is the other fact that I’m fascinated with what I learn. Just ‘cause math and I don’t see eye to eye doesn’t mean I can’t be somewhat interested in it, so. 😛 Like someone said, knowledge is power. Power corrupts. Be evil. Be the kind of person HYDRA would want to assassinate. *nodnod*

I hope you guys know better than to listen to me for advice, by the way.


I’ve kinda been at a standstill writing wise, after NaNo. It’s Short Story Month or something, so I was planning to join that, but per norm, I didn’t. I will say there’s a lot of ideas floating around. And one in particular is making me pretty giddy. But that’s it. Also the day I come up with something that’s not a work in progress and actually is good will probably be the day I wear pink. Which isn’t happening at all. Nevertheless, I suppose a snippet or two is fine. 😉

     We’re closer yet farther from the stars than anyone’s ever been before.

-you’ll find out if I finish it

      One. Two. Three. Four.


I’m not sure what else to say. That as contradictory as being painfully aware of the present, I’m equally painfully aware of the future? That life is moving at a crazy fast past and I have no clue how to keep up? SOMEONE GET HELLLP AND BY HELP I MEAN SOMEONE MAKE SURE LOKI IS ALIVEEE OR MY HOMEWORK IS FINISHED FOR ME THAT WOULD BE NICE TO WHY AM I SHOUTING


So yeah, there’s that.


But then it’s other things that. Like a sunrise on a Monday morning, or one really long video call, or something you’ve prayed for, waited for, but never really thought would happen and it does, and you’re just all there kinda shook because error: jo.exe has stopped working. Restart when ready.


It’s funny to see how God can work in a mess of a life like mine. Not that funny is the right word, but I can’t think of any others. I know He does though. I know that there’s a grace I receive which I 100% don’t deserve and then some, that despite all the hard stuff I’m still grinning like a fool and that’s definitely not from me, that there’s almost too many blessings. Isn’t that weird. Too many. Can there be too many good things from the Maker of everything good? And yet I feel like there is. Weird. Kinda overwhelming if you think about it too much. Which I either don’t or do, depending on what it is o’clock.


Captain Marvel thrilled me. Endgame killed me. Algebra buried me. Family made me smile. I found my MP3 in the car. More specifically in the back seat. What it was doing there I do not know.

But it was Monday and I forgot how to laugh and it took a 2 hour car ride and getting lost to relearn now.

And then, well, I guess the whole point of this was that every day has its own struggles and its own blessings.

So yeah. Today has been okay.

of course it would because there are literal BABY DUCKS HOW COULD YOU NOT

a collection of rambles, rants, reindeer, and random ridiculousness that starts right now

this was fun and more on that later.. much later

You better believe I take my alliteration game seriously.

Aaaand you better believe I have a gazillion tags that I gotta clear out. (Well, not really, I mean, nobody’s forcing me to do these tags, it’s more of a personal…. force. Duty. Thing. Thought it would be fun, but alas, I can’t delete later. 😛 ) But uh, nothing goes the way it seems. Per norm. 😉

Liebster Award was awarded from Esmeralda, so thanks a lot for that! 😀 But under no circumstances am I answering these questions, so say hi to Madi from Life Undefeated as she takes the imaginary stage to these random questions.

Image result for applause gif

What is your favorite type of tree?

Any tall tree that has bright green leaves in the spring time. I’m fond of the ones in my backyard. 

Those are lovelyyyyy. And speaking of trees, which are outside, which brings me to the outside, because I can’t think of a better lead in to this next question: Would you rather go for a walk early in the morning or late at night?

Early in the morning, but I love both.

Now I wanna walk. And not sit. But then I like sitting, so. Anyway. Do you journal on a regular basis, or at all?

I used to. Now I just do it when I feel like it.

Image result for journal writing gif

Also very good. 😀 What is your favorite spring flower?

Those purple ones that grow in your backyard and you can suck the sweet juice out of them. At least they grow in my yard!

Wait, you can drink those guys?? I thought they were poisonous. Who knew? *now wants to find that purple flower to try for herself* Would you rather spend your whole day writing essays or doing math?

Writing essays, definitely.

Image result for writing gif

HA. Called it. Do you hate, like, love or LOVE chocolate?

LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate.

Also called it. If you could live anywhere in the world for six months doing anything you want, where would you go and would you do?

I would actually live right here where I am now and continue writing my book.

That’s the dream. I was at Starbucks on Victoria Day (national holiday, I believe) and saw this old guy with a latte, a doc open on his laptop, and earbuds, scrolling through at like 9:45 pm, typing his heart out in a ghost town- er, shop, and went “FELLOW WRITER UNITEE” in my head. Dedication. Anyway. What is something about you that most people don’t know? *whispers* Welp this’ll be interesting…

Most people don’t know I have my competitive/ambitious/aggressive side.

Related image

… huh. didn’t know that. Interesting. Mostly because same. XD Do you prefer tea or coffee? *knows without a doubt Madi loves her coffee*

I love both, but I’m particularly partial to coffee.

Image result for coffee drinking gif

Knew it! Coffee’s great. Even if I can’t have it. It smells heavenly anyway. But back to the questions. XD What is your current favorite song?

This Is the Intro by Spencer Kane. For those who hate on my ministry and on me, go give it a listen and deal. 

*just opened it up on Spotify* Huh. If you could meet someone famous (anyone from the president to a movie star), who would you want to meet?

Honestly, I have no idea! 

*sigh* Alas, this is the case for the many of us fickle-minded. aka me. But thanks for stopping by Madi, and see you at Life Undefeated. 🙂

For tags, I’ve been stoked to meet a blogger I didn’t know existed until a day or so ago, Weez @ Caught Daydreaming. If you haven’t heard of her, I feel extremely sorry for you because you’re missing out on one of the raw and honest and just greatest blogs ever. So yeah, go check out her blog. The Force compels you to. *grins angelically*

(I feel like that’s more of a shoutout than a tag because you definitely don’t have to answer the questions but if you want please do. 😀 )

Now for the rest of the tags that I’m pretty sure I forgot cause I can’t find them in my notifs, which I almost spelled nofits because my brain is weird and these letters are too close to each other, whyyy- ahem.

AHA. I found a tag!

It didn’t have my name on it, but I’m pretty sure it was meant for me.

Avengers Book Tag.png

So the week or so before I saw Endgame, Abigail over at Books, Life, and Christ had put up quite possibly one of the best tags in the history of book tags, which you can check out here, and which I promptly stole because how can you not? AVENGERS. BOOKS. fite me.

(and I so wanted to put in some of the other Avengers but, well, the O6 it is. *sigh*

Iron Man – A book that made you laugh out loud

Okay, this book is just GOLD. I think I started to die laughing when May washed the yeast jar out or something. It’s actually pretty serious, but I remember laughing my head off every other chapter, so.

Captain America – A book that sends a positive message

At this point, “positive message” is practically an understatement. The stories of Brother Andrew have stuck with me since I first read it at the impressionable age of 9, and how many years later, Brother Andrew’s dedication and joyful faith still motivates and encourages. Also this book is funnier than I give it credit for.

Thor – a book with a characters strength you admire

Diana. Boone. She’s every level of epic- starting with oh, I dunno, FLYING A PLANE. That’s just for starters. Combine that with her tactical planning, loyalty, caring heart, and sometimes downright great humor, and you have someone I would love to both meet and be. Just… wow. Respect.

(Also there’s supposed to be a book 4 and I’m still not done screeching. HOWWWW)

Black Widow – a book with a kick-butt female protagonist

Eowyn slays, people. You think she’s cool in the movie? Obviously you haven’t read the book- SO GO AND READ IT BECAUSE SHE SLAYS AND IS ONE OF THE BEST FEMALE PROTAGS. EVER.

Seriously, go and read the book.

Hulk-  a book that made you incredibly angry

I’m not saying it. But I will say I was ticked immensely. It was just so wrong on so many levels, argh.

Hawkeye – an underrated book you think more people should pay attention to
Image result for jo's boys updated cover

NOT MY BOYS. At all. But the queen of fictional authordom Jo March Bhaer’s boys.. and girls… and plays. There’s a lot of posts about Little Women and practically nothing on the last book in the series. Which is sad. I guess people don’t like endings that much. (Cause, you know, endings. Endgame? *sobs*)

{BONUS} Loki – a book with a twist or surprise that tricked you

I’m allowed to say alpha-ed books, right? Right. Good!

Feathers of Diamond, by Rebekah C.

I’m still not over that ending a year later. WAH.


Tess @ Steeplechase (cause.. I mean.. Marvel)

Chloe @ Chloe Mali (cause same)

Diamond @ Build a Bears Furever (BUILD A BEAR)

Have fun… I guess. 😀

So Jo saw Endgame on the last day of NaNo.

Jo was shook.

More importantly, Jo still hit 50k on the last day right after watching it, complete with Endgame’s epic soundtrack as she finished A/B/Normal.

You should really listen to Portals, by the way. It’s just… wow.

Other good songs? In Case You Don’t Live Forever by Ben Platt is basically a post Endgame feel. And a spoiler, but without context. Thank God For The Summertime by Ben Rector is somewhat happier. The Call by Regina Spektor is back to the sadness. And finally Nothing Good Comes Out Of California by Maddie Poppe caps this mixed bag of feels playlist.

I was so tempted to put in a bunch of showtunes, but seeing as the musicals they come from aren’t the cleanest *groans lAnGuAgE you guys* that doesn’t leave many options. It does leave the best musical though. His Story the Musical? *nods head in respect* It’s wonderful.

We now conclude this mess of a post with a smiling reindeer, because reindeer is adorable and because the title said so. If you stuck it out this far, congrats! And if you, for some reason, can’t smile back at this specimes of “awwwwwwe” then I strongly suggest counselling.

Related image

I think I need counselling. Y’know, cause this post is a total train wreck.

the problem with passion and what we can do about it


If you knew what I was talking about from the title, you must be really old or you know the same peeps I did. Which is creepy.

But as it is, passion was, well, very passionate. For those who don’t know, it was this movement for Christian youth (TM) to worship God and be driven to do hard things and go forth and have this spark, this fire, this passion (wow subtle) to love God and share Him and what not. I’d probably remember more if I wasn’t just a little kindergardener who skipped right in the footsteps of her siblings and their friends; watched all the webcasts, sang all the songs, and basically had that Christian millennial life for all of 12 months or so. But alas, I was.

Perhaps that was a good thing.

Because I believe passion, both the movement and the idea of it, isn’t what everyone’s cracking it up to be and it’s time to set the record straight.

Or, you know, try, since I never end up doing what I set out to do in the first place. 😀

Image result for passion conference

You should definitely be wholehearted in whatever you do. That’s a fact. Whether it’s a fandom (which is relatively easy) or the unimaginable, like AP History (which is weird but def possible and if you like that stuff, then like it fam you do you), if you are excited about something, then show it my fren, SHOW IT! That’s at the root of what passion (the concept) is, and passion (the conference) is at face value. It’s a good thing, there’s no denying that. Whatsoever you do, do it as to the Lord and not unto men, right? And if we can be passionate about things like books and movies and sports, then how much more our faith? That’s basically the vibe a lot of Christian media direct at us young’uns. Not a bad effort. Points for trying.

But see, faith is not a fandom. You can’t just be a fan of Christ.

Big truth bomb.

Faith is not something you buy merch of, wear proudly each and every day, share on social media, and know all the terminology to. It’s something you live out for the rest of your life, something you grow in and share with others (and by share it’s not just bugging your friends intentionally, you just love it so much you can’t. shut. up. about. it. yikes), something you must be willing to die for.


This is where passion gets the short stick. Because eventually, passion will run out. You’ll never have the same energy and drive for something that you did when you first started. (Why ya think I haven’t posted anything in the AIO fandom in a month XD) (besides the fact their new album is months away) (but that wasn’t the topic my bad) And when it gets tough, there is no headcanon or gif or fanfic that will ultimately rescue you from the darkness. Passion won’t get you going in the hard times when you don’t have it.

Living for Christ, though, means that when you can’t go on, He will carry you. Loving God and serving Him brings its own energy, something nothing can come close to or ever hope to equal, let alone replace.

Related image

Passion the movement, as well as a lot of Christian culture, seeks to hype people up with the Bible + things, or sometimes replacing the Bible with things as a fanon Bible of sorts, but not the Bible itself. Like the Bible needs something added to it to be worthy of fangirl excitement status. The Word of God is a weapon and and a promise and a bringer of healing and so much more all wrapped up in one, from Genesis to Revelation, so, uh, perhaps people just need to read it more. Or at all, y’know?

(Also, I just want to add that it’s probably understating to say that canon Bible is the only canon that matters, and fanon Bible shouldn’t even exist. It shouldn’t be a thing.) (also, it’s one thing to be a fanperson dedicated to something. it’s another to be a martyr, to die horrific deaths for the cause of Christ.Tell me, in the end, which meant more in the Church.) (Also, we should have a talk about Christian culture. It needs a bootkick.)

Like the Sokovia Accords, Passion (the movement) was a good idea, this encouraging of believers to be on fire for God and what not. Also like the Accords, they didn’t really think it through or go to the right sources. Like at at all.

So what do we do?

Related image
ehm. sawwy. i couldn’t not put this cause.. cause. XD

In this case, I agree with Cap. We should fight for truth with truth.

In the past year, I’ve been blessed to know other people living for God, no matter what, who go above and beyond to serve and are passionate, truly passionate about the kingdom of God. It’s through growing in God’s Word and through interacting with these people that I’ve seen what true passion is: lasting through the hard times, no matter how crazy long or hard. It may be love, not quite sure. But it’s stronger than what seems to be the popular kind, that’s for sure. I’m more than willing to say I’m not the only one with it. Or growing in it at least.

Let’s start with proper studying and living out of God’s Word. Which, guess what, is funner than you think. 😉 No, wait, scratch that, it’s not just funner, it’s pure joy-bringing. Let’s start with really, seriously, loving God and doing what He says. It’s not like the hype.

It’s better.

And unlike passion, it won’t fade.

P.S. If this was in any way inspiring or encouraging, you should know I don’t do things like these on a regular basis, sadly. But you should also know that there is someone who DOES, and his name is Garrett Aldred. He blogs at Sovereign Swag and the things he writes are like… way better XD and more importantly, is the kind of passion I’m talking about. If you could subscribe to his blog, you’d see how. 🙂 Please do!

surprise: doll bloggers are more important than you realize

I do not have a doll, and if you thought I’d procure one for the sake of this post, HA. I do have, however a tiny Shuri that defends the Tolkiens and Lewises. LOOKY PENNY! AND THANK YOU! 😀

Look, I’m being insightful! Sorta. On a completely random subject.

But this seemed like a good idea when I was thinking of it, so, uh, here goes nothing.

Okay, I’m not being insightful. But it’s too late to go back now, so. Heh. And who knows, maybe I’ll say something remotely deep. *shrugs*

Doll bloggers were one of the new alien things to me when I started blogging, up there with “XD” and blog buttons, and those mysterious chats (who uses those anymore, pray tell?) and to this specific blogger, none of it made sense. Particularly doll blogging. What was the point of taking so many pictures of dead plastic thingies with velcro dresses and weird limbs? And then uploading said pictures? And then posting them for the world to see? There’s better things to do with time than waste it on that, right?

(Before you kill me, the only dolls I knew to exist were those stick skinny barbies:

Related image
Related image

and not the rather interesting AG dolls that America seems to know and love:

Related image
heyyyyyyyyyy looky a girl doing kung fu how utterly unheard of y e e t represent, you little plastic action figure, you
Related image

so lay ’em stones down. Thank you!)

So when I first heard of the doll blogging niche, I wanted to 1. roll my eyes and 2. roast everyone in the genre. I was kinda a moron a couple seconds- er, months ago, what can I say?

But then I heard of Stuffie Adventures (REBEKAH COME BACK SOOOON) and instantly connected with that. Taking pictures of stuffed animals in all sorts of odd and varying situations and making them come to life? Well, yeet, my 7 year old self had done whole productions, musicals even.

ahgolkfgnaofbjln c.t awww you wittle little thing with all the stuffing knocked out of you thanks for being one of my best friends for the greater part of 5 years

(On a flip phone. Like the entire camera roll was full of dancing monkeys and loopy bears and the whole plot line was these two going “I’M the center of attention!” *realizes what a hypocrite I am* #hypocritejoisahypocrite)

Image result for the cone of shame gif
everyone in the doll blogsphere @ one poor disillusioned jo
(also everything in the parentheses is a train wreck oops)

From Rebekah I met Madi (who runs, my dears, not one, but 3 blogs. 3. And in 3 totally different genres. HOW) and Julia Rose (aka Light4TheLord aka EPIC) and Tess (SSA, people. Big things may/not be coming) and Emmie (ahem the queen of YT vids and that is a thing) and Hope (miss you fren) and- well, what I was trying to say in the shortest amount of words possible is that I was wrong. Doll bloggers are not pointless.

(I mean, d’yknow how long it took me to set up the stuffies for this post? Can’t even imagine doing a whole BLOG dedicated to this stuff.)

ahem I had to arrange these guys 3 times. I need a life.

Doll bloggers are important cause they play the director, the writer, the editor, the cinematographer, and in some cases, the voice actor all in one. Stopmotions aren’t jokes, people. Neither are photostories. Also this is really helpful practice for future work on the big screen- is it stretching it to say the doll bloggers of today could be the directors of tomorrow? No, I don’t think so. They already have a pretty solid start- and even better, they’re passionate about what they do. THE THINGS WE DO FOR FUN.


They probably have, of the entire blogsphere, the best authorial tone, and more importantly, the biggest imaginations. And I think that’s one of the most important reasons why they’re special, because they spark imagination– as Tess has mentioned, her dolls have just as much character development as WIP charries- maybe even more. It takes a very active imagination to bring this world to life, and keep it up.

and lemme tell you these little homies were very much alive in my imagination. I can’t even pronounce this guy’s name because he was an old grumpy German that wore lederhosen and drank black coffee

We need more imagination, more of the ability to see things in the mind’s eye, and well, doll bloggers convey a lot of that.That’s probably what strikes me the most about this niche. Passion for what they do and an imagination that can carry them throughout the whole thing.

So yes, maybe in time, people will outgrow doll blogs, even those who run them. Maybe there will be other things to look into as dolls fade into childhood. Nothing lasts forever, definitely not being a kid. So enjoy it up. And if doll blogging is how one can start writing and growing up, then how grateful am I for it.

who knew simba’s de-attached head would actually be adorable uh yikes

And no, I’m not starting some stuffie blog. That stuff’s not for me. But I can respect those for who it is for, and I think that respect is a good thing to be given.

Here ends my childhood toy blogger appreciation post. You may now yell at me in the comments.

you will be defeated and why that’s okay

DSC_0216 (2)

We like to be victorious.

It’s a fact.

That’s why Endgame is a billion making (and heart-breaking, but that’s the least of the Russos- er, our concerns) movie, that’s why there are so many books and articles and blogs similar to the one you’re on talking about living your best life, and that’s why people love stories. Because when our heroes win, we win. We like to win. We like to be undefeated. *We Are The Champions plays in the background*

But the truth is nobody will be undefeated forever. Even the unburnt will get roasted at some point in the future. The truth is that you are going to lose. That you won’t always be victorious. That sometimes, the bad guys will win and the good guys will eat dust. (I need to stop making Endgame references, yeesh.)

And that’s okay.


DSC_0215 (2)
ignore the trash, some people must not be able to tell the difference between trash cans and dry grass. they rhyme, maybe that’s what threw ’em off.

Because that’s life. Simple. We live in a world that’s really messed up by sin and by people, and as such, we’ll lose. Badly. And I think I’d like to mention that, because there’s a ton of posts about how to win and none of them telling you that you’ll lose. Or how to. I don’t think I can tell you how to lose- with what, grace? Acceptance? Because I can’t do any of that either.

But I can tell you that defeat doesn’t equal the end.

I can also tell you that I’m about to make another reference, because the whole premise of Endgame is the remaining Avengers dealing with their loss- Avengers. These guys don’t lose. These guys aren’t defeated. But they are. And we, the audience, have 3 hours of our lives fly by as they give up some of the most important things to win.

Maybe the Avengers are too fictional- let’s try something else. Let’s look at the Christian church of post-Jesus-going-back-to-heaven, in a turmoil after the death of Stephen and the start of their persecution. Defeat. And a big one at that.

DSC_0211 (2)

I can tell you about a guy named William Tyndale, who, because of his attempts to turn the Bible into English, was sentenced to burn at the stake. Which is worse because he’s real, that really happened, and that was a defeat.

I can tell you about hurricanes that ripped apart houses and lives and shots fired that stayed fired, people that came and went in the blink of an eye and people that didn’t deserve the life they lived while innocent others didn’t have the luxury of even breathing, every crushing thing that’s happened in the last ten years, every loss, every defeat.

And I can tell you about days of depressions and darkness and times I wished the world would cave in on me and just stay like that, or that my nervous system was fried so I wouldn’t have to feel a single thing, days full of just staring at the mirror, trying to tell the person there to hang on- or at the wall, blank and empty like how I wanted to be. Defeat is defeat, no matter who it falls on.

But it isn’t the end. It never is.

DSC_0206 (2)

Maybe the inspiring thing about defeat is that it’s not over. Maybe Infinity War was mostly tolerated because it ended abruptly, a tale that wasn’t yet finished, leaving some slight hope that, y’know, it wasn’t over.

Sometimes it isn’t clear as the last scene of a movie in real life, that defeat isn’t the end. Because it is for a lot of people, for a lot of things, and it’s crushing and it just hurts and it’s over. But it doesn’t have to be.

The early Church was known to grow from the blood of the martyrs.

William Tyndale has a whole publishing house named after him, specializing, of all things, in Bibles of all languages.

People rebuilt after hurricanes, make memorials for the ones they’ve lost,  and try to fight for those who can’t.

And I’m playing “Counting Every Blessing” from Rend Collective and trusting that God is good even when life is bad. Sometimes what you need are daily reminders of God’s goodness to keep going through life. Sometimes that’s how you win.


Perhaps winning is as thrilling because of loss. Perhaps the victory wouldn’t be as sweet without the pain. Like a weird ying-yang kinda thing (which I totally do not believe in but can’t think of a better word to phrase it so) where you can’t have one without the other. At least in this world.

Maybe, being undefeated doesn’t mean never losing, but being able to get back up even after you’ve been beat to the ground time and time and time again.

That’s true victory.

Pananaw Signoff

heroes of legend tag- in which i try to be aesthetic (TM) and fail

this is what y’all meant by heroes, no? cause it really should be the definition

A’ight so Penny Wood tagged me in the beginning, but me being my normal weirdo self, forgot all about it. Heh. But then Tess tagged me all over again so I was really and truly caught! 😀 Here goes nothing. Literally.

The Rules

  1. Graciously thank the person who tagged you. Tess I graciously thank you.
  2. Answer the following ten questions in the tag. Images of your characters are encouraged, but not necessary. Rules were made to be broken, no?
  3. You may only use Original Characters (OCs) for this tag. Only fair.
  4. Characters from fairytale retellings are not allowed. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT! Fineeee..
  5. Explain why your character matches the description, because if you don’t, that would not be fun. …..
  6. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Do not hurt your little babies in this process. …….. I have to actually know what I’m doing? Waht?
  7. Link back to this post: so I can read about all the fun your characters embark on! Well, there you have it my fren.
  8. Tag a few other bloggers to play this game too! (And make sure they’re writers… because if you tag a non-writer to do this one, it would be really awkward.) HA. watch as I go tag a bunch of fruit. 🙂

Which of your characters…

1. Is most likely to be turned into a frog (and then thrown against the wall because of additional obnoxiousness)?


So after finally, finally, FINALLY FINISHING A/B/NORMAL *squeals* (look out for alpha openings cause it’s coming) without a doubt, it’s lil miss obnoxious here. Ricky Kisame was born annoying (accidentally, of course, she doesn’t mean to tick people off, she just DOES) and she’ll probably die pestering someone to add a nightlight inside her coffin.

2. Could probably persuade a man – sent to kill them on pain of death – not to kill them, through charisma or charm alone (or manipulation, whichever way you take it)?

Oh goodness Zeke Darn, without question.

18 Winning Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

He would not only charm his way out of death but also convince the person considering said death to take him out for ice cream and/or a sweet tea at Chikfila and then drop him off at home in the space of an hour. That’s how smooth this guy is. XD

In all reality though, the truth of the matter is that Zeke is just a nice guy. Who can turn on the charm when he needs to. He mostly turns on the annoying, if you ask Gale. And no, I was not coerced to say that.

3. Is that kind of person who waves around a weapon (or other sharp pointy object) everywhere they go, regardless of their skill in handling it (which is to say, probably quite doubtful)?

*so wants to say a charrie but can’t cause issues*

So at this point I could pick a number of people, but I’ll go with Dareine.

Tumblr - Vampire Academy - Rose Hathaway

Okay, so confession. I still have no clue how I want to take Mirages. If there’s any book I really want to publish someday in the future, tis’ this work, and yet it’s also the one I’m very uncertain about. Dareine’s character however, is pretty much the same. Kid’s got a hard life, what can I say? Weapons are a must in her corner of Illid.

4. Can endure the most pain with a stoic, completely neutral face (maybe s/he’s dancing)?

Wait.. so like Drax? Poor person. And that poor person is Solidan.

Hal Mason. Falling Skies.

Look, the guy has been through a lot. Not the smiley type. And also not the type to wail in agony over physical pain- I guess you can imagine how he’s doing emotionally. Solidan is, well, solitary.

5. Is most likely to pull off a Hua Mulan and face a trial as one of the opposite gender if need arises?

Eheh. Gale Darn. 

She’s not up to much, mind you. Just your average local photographer wannabe in the tiniest town possible- but, er, well, as you know, life happens. And sometimes you have to adapt. Which Gale could very easily pull off without a problem.

6. Would be quickest to obey a talking cat when it demands them to buy it a pair of boots?



Tandy is probably one of my most favorite charries, because she’s a total cinnamon roll and even better, she can make cinnamon rolls (actually got Enni to interview her a few days ago here, so that’s great) She likes to believe the best in people. And animals. So yes, this would be Tandy, without a doubt. Ricky would probably try but get distracted and accidentally fall off a cliff.

7. Is willing to do anything– absolutely anything– in order to rescue someone s/he loves (includes killing innocent foxes and asking the moon for help)?

..O_O I’d go with Jakob Penner. Can’t find a good picture of him, but his determination to keep his family safe and free would drive him to do a lot of things. Basically he’s the living embodiment of whatever it takes.

8. Seems to stubbornly not die no matter what you put them through?

One word, and that is all.


*and I would tell you more, but I actually, legally, really can’t so there.

9. Is the terrifyingly malicious, extra-megalomaniacal, wildly unpredictable Queen of Hearts/Bluebeard villain (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

Gale: Can I say Zeke, can I say Zeke, pleeeeeeeeease lemme say Zeke-

Zeke: HEY!

Gale: Aw, come on, it’s true, right?

Zeke: Shut up.

Gale: You shut up.

Zeke: You shut up.

Gale: No, you shut- oh, nevermind.

Alas, it’s neither of these two buffoons. In fact, it’s someone they both know, a merc named Dom Skidmore.

keep calm
*proceeds to die because I just broke a rule I like to lay on Penny, and that is to not use actors as face claims but honestly I couldn’t find anyone and Rumlow and Skidmore have a lot of things in common so don’t blame me*

Skidmore is calm when you first meet him. But when you actually get to know the guy? Uh, run for your life. He’s not someone you wanna mess with at all.

10. Is the terrifyingly placid, blood-freezingly calm, monotone-voiced villain that is Every Fairytale Villain in History Incarnate (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

Ayda. Without a doubt.


So like I’ve mentioned before, I’m still trying to figure Mirages out plot, setting, and theme wise, so if you’ve alpha-ed the first draft, the seconds draft is drastically different. While I’m not sure how I’ll write Second Draft Ayda, First Draft Ayda is the calm and collected leader of Illid’s reminding program.

aaaaand if you wanna know what that is I’m still working on it. XD

As for that fruit I was gonna tag.

I don’t think fruit have blogs.

Therefore I must content myself with people.

Amie @ Crazy A

Abigail Harder @ Books, Life, and Christ

Libby @ Geoturtle

Alas, everyone I know has either been tagged or don’t do tags. Wah. But that’s about it! Hope you enjoyed this sorta sneak peek at my characters, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get around to actually writing their stories! Ya never know, right?

a re-hello.



No do-overs. You only get to do this once.

Mr. Scott Lang, please don’t be mad at me. XD (For you poor guys, it’s a reference.) Because I am breaking one of the rules of pulling off a good heist and very clearly starting a do-over. I don’t think I’d make a good burglar. And besides, there is no rule in blogging that says you can’t start over. Unless there is and I was all along, an unwitting participant in criminal activity. O_O

Whichever the case, I’m rather glad I get to do this again, because I was just starting to miss blogging. XD

If you’ve stuck it out all the way to the end of the tour, then thank you so much you wonderful patient long-suffering person! Pananaw is officially launched, and I can’t wait to start (well, re-start) writing about everything under the sun and getting to insert gifs and memes and such and well, basically, continue on being me. (and if you don’t know who that is there’s an about page for a reason.)

I’m not one for fancy intros, so.. hi.

May the geek ever stay strong.

(Waaht, was I supposed to say something insightful?)