featuring me trying to organize my thoughts for the world to see and miserably failing. pick and choose which ones are least cringey and enjoy.

*thumbs up*


-jojo rabbit (which sounds absolutely insane but also kinda lowkey amazing and taika watiti directed it and it’s amazing)

-yellow rose (oh sweet mercy it’s getting spread everywhere represent *clap clap clap*)

-black widow (excuse me while i go shriek)

-soul (pixar what you doing)

-onward (!!!!)

-frozen 2 (yes, laugh but see that was one of the first movies i can remember actively watching with my sister and i miss my sister so there)

-toy story 4 (had too many messy plot twists but it teared me up more than once and by the time the credits rolled our plane landed in the philippines so it was kinda like literally saying goodbye to the past)

-new star wars movie (*eternal internal screaming*)

-listen yes tito i know endgame was a mess and time travel was a cop-out but as a content creator it gives me a lot of stuff to work with so it’s not entirely terrible


-keeper of the lost cities: legacy (chloe got me into keeper of the lost cities and i’m a little scared, not gonna lie)

-supernova (i’ve seen it in ig posts along with fawkes??? is it good? someone tell me please i beg you)

-black widow prelude comic (scared, very scared, extremely scared)

-captain america the first avenger script (i need this for personal reasons)

-this really good fanfic that i won’t link here to protect the youngs (i am this close to writing a post about fandom even though it’s been done and even though it’s obscure much like myself)

-andrew peterson wrote a new book and i really, really wanna read it


-i killed a spider with a flip flop all by myselfses and now i miss frubs because he used to do it

-me and weez are doing a really cool thing that would probably be more cool if timezones didn’t exist

-bible bee nationals are in a few days and i has a bunch of friends going (rebcake, light4thelord) and again, more screaming

-clara’s sunset fall instagram stories are making me cry with nostalgia that i don’t have

-maggie started a new blog and she deserves a call out because way to go girl ❤

-also i could link them but for some reason i’m not, hmm

-tess is probably the only reason why i’m still trying to finish my nano wip

-christi and hannah’s poetry both have this special way of hitting close to to home (i’ll willingly link in comments if you want, they’re both amazing people with beautiful thoughts)

-i’m pretty sure i was supposed to do a blog tour?? (really sorry kellyn, i’m working on it) and another one with tales of the lonely sun (more specifically merie) and just shucks it’s pretty cool

-enni spammed my inbox/chatthing/whatever with like, 350 messages and to this day i will never understand why

-i really really need keith’s help with worldbuilding because i’m clueless about stuff like fantasy

-garrett’s photography. uhm. WOAH.

-sarah’s art is mindblowing and i’m scared of her talent but also just in awe

-in this household we love and support emmie, who is doing great with the whole school AND dance thing and so much more

-ava come mourn with me about all four fingers being used on the uke it’s terrible

-abby does dead mom from beetlejuice make you cry too because i’m crying

-chloe i’m this close to asking you to spoil legacy for me and also i’m crying just thinking of aren ya can’t leave me hAnGiNg-


-my uncle said the beetles were the greatest and i bEg tO dIffEr

-he also said that ben rector was not bad but could be better excuse me

-MALINDA is just. *shrieks* really relatable and her vocal tone is just beautiful


-clara got me back into the lumineers and their music kinda reminds me of small towns and tiny houses and small roads and basically one of my homes

-because it’s christmas music season i’ll be blasting his story the musical’s “hey, it’s me,” “arrive”, and “was the word” til at least january, thank you very much. (THEY MIGHT BE ON BROADWAY AND THAT GIVES ME HOPE)

-been playing with a soundtrack for another idea i’ve been working on and i regret not being a composer

-beetlejuice. just. *mindblown* (yes, it does have issues but the themes are pretty great for all the spooks)

-beautiful people by pomplamoose


-the guy that worked on the winter soldier soundtrack is supposed to work on black widow???? i can die in peace now the world has peaked

-the sounds of like, 40 kids singing your grace is enough on a sunday morning is so deeply beautiful


-good grief i have zero romantical attractions or any intent to have any so why am i writing a whole book about it

-there are too many ideas in my brain and i’m pretty sure it’s not healthly to try to things at the same time

-i feel compelled to write this lengthy fanfic and a blog post about it because that’s so relevant (i’m being sarcastic)

-there is squealing, fangeek, love-every-line-of-every-paragraph, overall enchanted with a story jo and there’s critical, analyzing, philosophizing, will re-read a scene to break down every individual component of a character jo and there is no in between

-i have done more writing research than i have writing at this point

file not found randomness

-ok boomer is a thing and i really wanna write a discourse about it because on one hand, is it fair to dismiss an entire generation based on their conflicting thoughts? no. have many of said generation abused and made fun of younger generations, leaving behind a crueler world to survive in and mocking steps to make the world softer? yes. is it kinda funny? yup. do i need to get a life? absolutely.


-vietnam war research time, one for school, two for aio lore, which says that whit’s son jerry died in the vietnam war (which must mean that focus on the family portrays it as a good thing), three for everyone who protested it

-and call me crazy but maybe it’s okay to look up these old, random, truly not that important stuff for. y’know. for research

-it’s kinda funny but also kinda confusing how some christians will be especially o_0 if you say “hey, i like studying the bible for fun!” and they’re like “IMPOSSIBLE” because on one hand, yes, the bible is sacred and should be treated as such, but on the other, God meant this book to lead us to actual joy? and? like? why would you not find joy in studying it? someone elucidate?

yeah, like that was any clearer than when i started.

i dunno that it’s beneficial to present these thoughts, raw, and unfiltered, incomplete and personal. i really don’t. maybe they just raise questions about the integrity of my mind (read: none) and maybe they just turn people off.

but i read somewhere that we develop as a society, not merely by sharing tangible matters, but by sharing the thoughts of our mind (it was about nasa releasing articles you usually find when you pay for scientific journals and i was pretty stoked even though i had no clue what the what any of it was about) so, if you got anything from this random thrift store of thoughts, feel free to take it home.

and hey, if you wanna feel like unloading your mind, that would be cool. i’ll add it to the list.


~and i know, it’s only in my mind, jo~

10 something pm thoughts

10 something pm thoughts.png

i don’t know why this exists. i’m pretty sure it’s trash.

but i hope it makes you smile anyway. 🙂


my teeth are like, really yellow in this light. i dunno why.


oooh, maybe my hair isn’t that pathetic.




dodie’s sister has a channel?? O_O why was i not in the knowing of this- she’s a good artist.


literally everyone can draw better than me.


i saw a really big rat today. well, it mighta been a mouse. i dunno. it looked positively disgusting. no rodent that size should be walking on 4 feet.


no wait ratatouille is fake jo why


this laptop will finally update when i’m dead


the world’s best awake person in any household possible award goes to jo, who legit has no sense of time and/or space


why does ketchup exist. just. why.


there has to be a way to balance rainbows and unicorns and happiness with shadows and black and sadness why is there no in between


i bet by the time canada legalizes disney+, the time zone will make it impossible to watch-




don’t mind me, i’m just stealing a fan, no big deal


no i really really have to write– PANIC AT THE DISCO COVERED A FROZEN SONG


we need to talk over whoever let algebra exist without making it fun


why is my brain so tiny and losing memory


like my laptop


same thing


this would make such a good youtube video


actually no because you stink at editing of any kind, jo


please stop normalizing child romantic relationships, me and keith WILL geek about transformers SO THERE


i should go to sleep


why doesn’t sleep ever come to me, like in a to go box at the dining common, someone explain


thanksgiving praise service! yeet!


hymns are seriously underrated


the filthy rich get air conditioning, while the poor are stuck with fans– summary of les miserables


i really should sleep


tomorrow i’m gonna wake up, take pictures, and feel really good about myself


and write! writing’s fun~


why can i hear a dog barking


because spd, jo


what about that weird sound


all sounds are weird


go to sleep, jo


i will





who invented mochi ice cream, you deserve a medal-

~there’s a light in the hallway, jo~

to little grey music player

to little grey music player.png

i remember the day i got you, because we were about to leave california and joab really really really wanted a music player because he always liked tech and you were 30 dollars and it was a deal and i guess technically you were my brother’s.

you came with and switched through so many genres, klove and christian rock and metal and i’m sorry for all the different identities.

joab didn’t want you anymore, then, but i did. i guess i was always good at saving junk and turning it into treasure.

you were kinda like a security blanket, little grey music player, the way you never failed to be there. during my happiest days, my worst moments, the days i wanted to die and the nights i thought i could live forever. you were a very steady piece of metal. i loved you, little music player.

i’m so sorry i lost you in the mall waiting for official important business to be over. i coulda sworn you were in my pocket, but i guess i’d be swearing wrong. i’m really good at losing the stuff i love, you see.

i hope nobody chucks you in the trash, tiny guy. i hope whoever picked you up didn’t grimace at the musicals and dodie and nf and owl city that filled you up. i hope you were turned on, with special care, your ben platt playlist carefully listened to. i hope someone finds a charger for you, and takes good care, and loves you just as much as i did. i’m sorry i didn’t love you enough to notice you gone til it was too late.

it feels silly, little player, writing to something that never breathed. but you were part of me for so long, and i tend to remember the things that made my life beautiful- or their absence, more like.

have fun, little player. don’t get picked up by an adult. they never see the magic of things that are lost. find a little kid. they’ll take care of you.

and maybe, through listening to the music that made me, they’ll find themselves too. wouldn’t that be nice, grey music player?

see you later, little guy. i really loved you so.

~take all the chances you can, it’s alright, jo~

too much of a good thing

wordpress reader says i have some new posts to read. and some is like 20, 20 tabs carefully created and put up on the wide world of the internet to be read by people like me for people like me.

20 posts, 20 different kinds of content, 20 different comments to put up and 20 posts to like and it feels like too much and i feel bad because fellow bloggers! fellow creators! what kind of person am i to just move past someone’s work?

there are a million stories on instagram, at least half that many posts, people who have put something up to be looked at and they’re my friends and people i admire but there’s too much and it’s too much and everything cries for attention and i end up in tears.

there’s only so much attention i can give before i lose it entirely.

i feel bad.

like i’m missing on something. something special that person and that person and this one over here decided to share with me and a thousand other people. it feels wrong to not consume. must like, must comment, must see. must do.

i must consume.

said who?

when did wanting to enjoy something become a chore, something you had to do to check off your list of things to make you felt accomplished? when did a simple post become twenty and the comments felt copied and pasted from a dozen posts ago?

and no, that’s not good.

i think maybe we need a break.

not the kind that makes you disappear for a while. what good will it do when you come back? maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t but one thing’s for sure, it’s not for everyone. not with our jobs, not with our dreams, not with our goals and pursuits and lifestyles.

nobody can just up and leave, but i wish we could.

but like, a break from feeling required to enjoy everyone and everything. stopping our minds from panicking if we missed someone’s post or tweet or whatever. hey, maybe that means actually leaving, maybe it doesn’t. but it comes from inside, and that’s what matters.

wait, what matters though?

and we’re still supposed to be good people of the internet right? we still should show that we appreciate someone’s art, because that’s the right thing to do.

of course, subconscious jo. of course.

it’s balance. nobody ever taught you that because you’re terrible at it.

if you say so…

calm down, subconscious jo.

too much of a good thing isn’t very good for you.

okay, okay,

wait but what about-

~it’s all you know, jo~

don’t put salt in your coffee, or, sometimes i’m selfish and need to rant and sometimes it’s for one person and sometimes i make no sense

Espresso dripping into a porcelain mug from a steel machine

*also i’m putting in unsplash pictures that remind me of you because i’m weird like that*

hey bun bun.

do you remember when you had a sleepover with the girls at church and it was the first night i can remember where you weren’t there and i was so miserable i cried for the whole night?

okay, i was like, five, but it was still traumatic.

"Holden, we need to go!" Zara shouted, stepping backwards, eyes glued to the wave of mindless soldiers marching towards them. If they ran now, only two of them would make it out alive. Fletcher clutched at his side, desperately trying to slow the blood flow, as he staggered down the street. "Go-" He weakly moaned, his legs beginning to wobble. He wouldn't make it much farther, Zara knew that, but Holden was too stubborn to let him go.

or that time you went away to camp and i had to spend three whole days without you? three? i think i watched like, 3 movies straight to try to forget the fact that you weren’t there, you weren’t there to be with me and talk and laugh and do all of the things we used to. (and that’s selfish, but it’s true.)

i don’t know how i thought those things were terrible, because then you moved to the states for college and it was quite literally the end of the world. i mean, you came back for christmas and summer until life happened and you moved to the states permanently, but man, it hurt.

purple-petaled flower

and, y’know, life happened and it happened and we grew a bit and we changed and you got married and i wrote a book that will never be published and we had to do it all together and apart all at once and there were late night talks huddled together on a bed talking about everything from calvinism to stories the the dreams that haunted us both and then suddenly you were a face on a screen that i couldn’t touch, but it was okay because it was you and i was going to see you soon,


i did and it was the best 2 months i had in a long time and it was safe and you were there and it was beautiful and even if we were both changing we were still sisters and there was nothing that could cahnge that fact and-

and then i had to move back. more like forced to because of, well, life.

which… which was even more traumatizing then the sleepover.

and we could text and talk and it was still normal, still okay, still safe, still hopeful.

two woman jumping on the street during daytime

until suddenly i’m in a different timezone, on an island thousand of miles from you and you see the sun when i see the moon and i don’t know how to process anything internally or externally and i don’t even know that i’ll see you in person in who knows how long– i don’t know.

drat, i’m crying now.

it probably doesn’t help that i’m listening to your playlist.

ugh, emotions.

shallow focus photography of musical note book

and it’s saturday for me, and i kinda really just want to be banging on your tiny cottage door, making fun of frubby, claiming the rest of the fruit gummies, working on stuff with you and excitedly looking up future courses.

and it hurts that i have done that, and i’ll get to do that, but i can’t do that now.

it’s weird about us humans. we want the now. we want the here. we want what we want and when we don’t get it, we feel this strange thing called sadness.

and in that way, i’m really selfish.

parked police

you’re like the nani to my lilo, even though we both agree stitch is my spirit animal. (wait, did we O_O) you’re an anchor point that i can return to, a safe place that i can fall back on any time and i just. i don’t know anything. i don’t know what this time will entail. i don’t know what’s going to happen. i don’t know what to do or how to do it, i don’t know how to block the noise that screams in my head, i don’t know where to put the thoughts that invade my mind, and i don’t know how to do any of that without you.

and i’m here and you’re there and i really, really miss you.

woman standing near brown wooden cabinet


but then maybe i’m five again and the sleepover is terrible. but that’s not the end of the story.

i feel like you would tell me that one day, we’re going to look back and see why God did everything the way He did. that all we can do is just keep doing and trust and it will be okay and that we’re together even though we’re apart.

but right now, ate,

i really

photo of person walking on road surrounded by trees during noontime


miss you.

and i wish we took more pictures and had more late night laughing and coffee dates and those little dumb things that mean everything and just

two women hugging each other

i miss you

a lot.

and i sure hope you’re not reading this because that would be really awkward. but also that’s not new. so.

i love you bun bun.

always will.

don’t put salt in your coffee.

selective focus photography of grumpy face toddler sitting on plaid pad taken during daytime

~you are my sunshine, jo~

overstimulated senses and the evil of all situations// not entirely impossible

overstimulated senses and the evil of all situations__ not entirely impossible.png

hey weirdos. 😀

as you might know, i’m a human! (a human aloe vera/birdie/chaos, yes) which is pretty similar of fellow humans reading this post. nothing big there.

unlike other humans (and very much like other other humans), i have something called sensory processing difficulties. which basically means that my senses are dialed to the max on a daily basis and regular things that involve people will occasionally give me overload. 😀 like superman.

only good clip i could find (also, funnily enough, this was playing in a hotel me and my sister and her mother-in-law walked into and i was having a really bad panic attack)

combine that with low blood sugar problems and… basically i’m a toddler. cranky and hangry. *gah why is this accurate*

why do i mention all of this? because i, like many other people with spd (sensory processing difficulty/disorder) do have lives and our “disabilities” are actually pretty chill.

except for, uh.

the airport.


Related image

it’s scary enough for normal human beings. you willingly pay money to hand in your possessions, get searched by machines that see all, spooky, dodge other scared people like yourself, get lost every ten minutes, wait anxiously in a row of stiff seats, board a metal tube, and fly to the unknown.

now take all of that and add the details.


it’s not impossible though. because if it was, i wouldn’t be alive to tell the tale. (or would i? this could be my ghost writing. O_O)

so, y’know, cause i’m such an expert (ha) i figured i could put some tips here for fellow flying spd peeps and their friends. because… y’know. just cause.


//sidenote that these work for me but they aren’t certified by a professional do your research and fly safe ty//


  • know what’s happening. i tend to fly on the seat of my pants (MISTAKE), but to avoid all the stress that comes from overthinking, try to have everything planned out. put your docs in one place, and your sanity in another. know your flight, know what gate you need to board, try mentally checking in and going through security. it helps to have some idea of what it will be like before going through it.
  • safe places people, safe spaces. people are scary, and so is the stuff they bring with them, so try to find a corner or a side that isn’t loud and doesn’t have someone lounging around. that’s kinda your breathing spot while you’re waiting for the plane.
  • comfort objects!! you know those slime videos and the cracking clay stuff? they’re really satisfying for some reason, but they’re also… i dunno, calming? my figuring is because they occupy your senses and tune them down a bit. that’s something that you can sorta do. if you have a buddy, hug the buddy. eat something (nourishment + sense of taste = win) . do the whole fidgit spinner thing if it helps you. pull on a sleeve or a pillow– occupy your brain with safe things so you don’t freak.
  • headphones are lifesavers. use them whenever you can. sensory muffs have really helped me in places like church and the mall and anywhere with people, and if you have a source of music, PLAY IT. blast the headphones. (also they seem to help with air pressure for me. i don’t know why.)
  • know practices you can do to calm yourself down if you feel like panicking. isa wrote an amazing post about panic attacks, and they do help! don’t be afraid of feeling weird– if people knew, they would support, and if they thought it was weird, who cares? use them.

for traveling family members/ friendos:

  • keep an eye on your friend. yup, they are capable of handling themselves, and yeah, you shouldn’t try to smother them with care, but do watch for when they may seem out of it/uncomfortable/zoned out/panicking.
  • become a comfort object. sometimes you may need to hug someone to calm them down. HUG THEM. or if they just need to be talked into calmness, do it. “it’s okay, it’s okay” is cool, but sometimes it doesn’t work (because sometimes it’s not okay). things like “i’m here, i’m not leaving you” and “breathe” can help. 🙂
  • if necessary, tell people to back off. people are naturally curious, which is cool, but the last thing someone with spd needs is a crowd trying to figure out what’s wrong with them. so, lovingly. shove them away. keep your friend in a quiet place, try to make them laugh, and watch their six. it’s a scary world out there.

another thing i’d like to mention is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with needing help. kay? being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness, and a ton of times you will need to expose the soft, scared side of yourself that needs help and needs people to understand. i can only hope that these whacthamacallits can help you find that safe space and keep your sanity better than mine has been. XD



anyhoo, i have a couple of hours to rest, plan for nano (yay) collect my last will, and other mundane things before boarding a day-ish flight to the other side of the world. so.

get the headphones, drink water before and after the flight, and stay safe people.

*finger guns*

~fall me on, from where you are, jo~

me and allison hang out in the basement with fairy lights and poetry because they’re both pretty (also, book!)

me and allison hang out in the basement with fairy lights and poetry because they're both pretty (also, book!).png

i’m tired. my homework is piling, my stress is increasing, and my loneliness is my new best friend. 

that’s when i get the dm. 

allison’s publishing a second poetry book!


but who, you ask, is allison?

*points below*

da lovely person

Allison Beery is a Christian teen with a passion for creating and capturing beauty, whether it’s through writing, art, photography, or taking a walk in the woods. She lives on a big farm in Central Virginia with her parents, four siblings, and a multitude of pets. She strives to glorify God in everything and love people genuinely. Learn more about her at her blog, A Farm Girl’s Life, or stalk her art Instagram @thecolorboxstudio.

i can remember last year as vividly as my favorite song, the post that popped up on my reader saying the first blogger i ever followed had published (and illustrated) her own poetry book. i can remember reading through a few of the poems and all of the reviews, gaping in awe, marveling, interest piqued. 

what i would’ve given to be able to pay for shipping. 

it’s a year now. it’s a second book, another one, and allison’s asked me to review.

tour 17
da lovely book


which, i eagerly say YES to. i didn’t think i could wait this long and yet i have and o f  c o u r s e i’ll help her with her blog tour. abso-wonder-lutely. 

my eye is puffy from scratching it when i open the pdf. i drink a chocolate avocado smoothie, play sleeping at last, and read the first poem.

and then the other.

and then the next one after that. 

i can’t stop reading. i can’t. 

Related image


in a world that treasures instant, immediate, rich, showy content, allison has weaved the abstract of daily life into intricate threads of love and musing, jam and fireflies, adding a touch of whimsy with simple, but meaningful illustrations, that all combine to one, big, beautiful tapestry known as spark. 

some days,
i am
the turtle.

i think, of all the writing genres, poetry is the one that’s the deepest. the one that reveals the most about not just the person writing it, but also the person reading it, and spark just brings that out in such a beautiful way. reading allison’s poems was like having a midnight chat with her, which is insanely beneficial for the soul, it turns out. even though every single poem is personal and came from one person, experiencing each and every one was a bit like looking into a mirror. i could see myself.

and you can’t remember what you were about to do
for the life of you?

poems that make you see yourself are the type that should never be forgotten. and this particular book has already managed to bring a bit of hope back in a dim, dreary world. 


so i write allison back. 


what made you, 

brave art girl

begin to weave 

these masterpieces? 

(yes, i’m serious.)

kind one,

it was so:

some things cannot go unsaid,

and yet they cannot be spoken.

beauty must be handled with care:

i saw the label on the broken petals

scattered across the grass

and knew my tongue was too heavy

and my heart too timid

to bear these words across the waves.

thus i trained a pen to

whisper my secrets to the page, instead.


do you have a favorite

in this collection of poems

one with extra special

top dollar care? 

and you wonder –
is this even the same song?

“but mommy, which one of us

do you like the BEST?”

an innocent smile.

“i love you all the best

just differently.”

a knowing sigh.

but that never satisfied you,

did it?

and so i’ll tell you, if you promise,

wide-eyed, to let no one know.

finger to your lips, now, tiptoe:

knock knock.

a collection tears through

an uncaged summer drive.

that, my dear, is code for

how can I decide?


how has

the art of words

strung together

set your life for the better?

and discover that we were
living upstairs
this whole time.

it is not good to

let your thoughts tangle.

poetry is an excellent conditioner –

it makes for a less sloppy appearance

and easier breathing, too.

plus, sorting through the pictures

your mind takes when it’s awake

doubles the enjoyment:

or makes it infinite.


with all this writing

you must get thirsty

is there any favorite drink of yours

to sip on during the process?

a poem rises

too fast to do anything but

sit down.

who can drink water

in the middle of the ocean?

my thoughts drain far too quickly;

i will catch the drops,

then quench my thirst

after the pen’s hunger

has been satisfied.

f a m i l y.

do they inspire 

and how,

can we inquire?

something wonderful must come of
this melt-in-your-mouth joy!

i live with these faces and so

i paint their portraits.

they appear between the covers

if you look close enough.

they have shaped the hands that hold the pen;

they shape my heart,

they shape my days.

simply put,

i paint from life.


would you want fame

for the work you do

the art you create

the mess you make?

(that assumes you make messes. i apologize.)

there can be too much of

a good thing.

famous? me?


thank you.

fame is messy,

i write clean.

but i would love to know

my book has touched the hearts

of many.

being famous without

the fame

would be nice,

i think.

except it never seems

to work that way…

this small bird was going to fly with him
to the stars.


a pen

you write with one

which do you prefer

paper, or a computer? 


poems are nocturnal things,

silent creatures, words with wings.

a pen and paper coax them best

to eat from my hand,

i’ve found.

the smooth ink flows well

with my thoughts.

and then, once the words are grown,

my fingers


and the screen catches the poems,

better now,



if you had just one day

to say everything you wanted to say

what would it be

if it was today?

i would say

all the things i’ve been afraid

to say before –

i would say, please look after

these hearts i love.

maybe you didn’t know, but

i knew them,

i felt them, deep inside.

take care of them for me.

and me?

perhaps you never really

knew me at all.

but then again,

smiles are no less real

for being followed with

a stare at the soul.

 and last

we ask

draw forever and write never


write forever and never draw

would you pick one

and why, if at all?

my heart is finally clear of
cardboard boxes.
don’t make me pack it all up again.

you may have heard

a picture is worth

a thousand words.

i have used a pen

to create art

before i learned the forms of letters.

and i would continue that way –

unless, perhaps, writing comprises

all different kinds and shapes and sizes:

if i had to choose between

drawing on paper and

email, text, poetry, stories, words

spilling from my heart when speech won’t do –

perhaps i would put away my sketchbook forever.

but i could never

choose one.

how did you hear

a picture is worth

a thousand words?

with words.

promoting art is hard

without letters,

and so they go together


and it makes me happy. that a friend is releasing her thoughts to the world. thoughts that i wish everyone could read. it makes the tiredness feel not so bad, the loneliness not my only friend. i think it’s beautiful. i think that it’s about time and i think allison’s work is a m a z i n g, but in the little way you don’t notice, like how a robin’s egg cracks open to reveal a little fluffy birdie, or how someone opens a gift wondering what it is. amazing. i can’t wait to see where this spark will go. 

turning the closed box curiously,
but the hinges won’t give.

and if you find yourself agreeing, 


i told you so. 😉 


you can get spark here



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it’s your turn, we ask. if you could write a poem, who would you write it for? 🙂


~i see stars, jo~